Transfer & Eligibility


The eligiblity requirements of the Association can be found in Article X of the ROPSSAA Constitution.

Coaches for each sport are required to complete and submit an Eligibility Form by the deadline indicated by the Athletic Convenor. If eligibility forms are not submitted correctly and on time, schools are subject to fines as per the Constitution and risk defaulting scheduled games. All school Athletic Contacts should review eligibility forms prior to their submission to ensure completion and accuracy.

Throughout a season it is possible for coaches to add or remove players, coaches and managers. To do this, the appropriate form is to be completed and submitted to the ROPSSAA Office prior to game time. This form is an online submission with an automatic email response. Coaches are to keep this response on file as confirmation that the necessary forms have been submitted.

All eligibility forms can be found under “Resources”


Students who transfer from one high school to another must first submit an application to be approved by the ROPSSAA Transfer and Eligibility committee before being eligible to participate. The Transfer and Eligibility Application form is very specific and in order to be deemed eligible, students must fit into one of the designated categories on the form and provide the necessary proof required by the chosen category. If a student does not fit into one of the designated categories in the application, that student may be ineligible to compete in the sports they played 12 months prior to transferring schools.


Transfer Application forms MUST be submitted by the Transfer Contact at the school by the deadlines indicated. If the deadline is not met, the form will be reviewed at the next scheduled meeting.

ROPSSAA as a member of OFSAA is required to follow the OFSAA transfer policy for all OFSAA eligible competitions. Some students who are denied by the ROPSSAA Transfer Committee will be given the option of appealing to OFSAA. ONLY the students instructed to do so may apply to OFSAA.

Understanding the Sections of the ROPSSAA Transfer Policy

The Transfer and Eligibility Committee is made up of volunteer teacher/coaches from both boards. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Transfer Committee please contact one of the Athletic Convenors.